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When we opened our doors in the early ‘90s, the term ‘contingent workforce’ didn’t really exist. Instead, people mostly talked about ‘temporary workers’, which conjured up images of secretarial and administrative workers, or seasonal workers in retail or hospitality. Back then, our main offering was vetting contractors for placement into organisations. We made sure they were compliantly engaged and managed payroll for them too.

As the use of non-permanent workers began to increase, we realised that something needed to change. Today, engaging and managing contractors is still one of our primary offerings. But the workforce landscape is much more complex than it was 30 years ago. There are more worker and job types than ever before, and companies that engage contractors are operating in an increasingly regulated environment.

Sure, we still pay and manage contractors for our clients. But we also help them to source top-tier contingent talent and compliantly engage workers anywhere in the world. Everything we do is backed up by the knowledge and experience that we’ve gathered over our 30 years in business. We know what we’re talking about — and we’re happy to share that expertise with our clients.

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Connor Heaney, CXC EMEA’s Managing Director

Email: connor.heaney@cxcglobal.com





Hannah Young, CXC EMEA’s Partner & Corporate Solutions Manager

Email: hannah.young@cxcglobal.com



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