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Talent Detachering Service in de Life Sciences Industry

Je hebt vast wel eens gehoord van de term “detachering”. Het kan ook zijn dat je iemand kent die voor het ene bedrijf werkt en dan tijdelijk naar een andere organisatie wordt gestuurd om een project af te ronden. Maar wat dat betekent, is voor de meesten niet altijd duidelijk. In dit (Engelstalig) artikel leggen we de voordelen van dit bijzondere statuut uit.

You’ve probably heard of the term “secondment” or “consulting”. You may also know someone who is working for a company and then temporarily transferred to another organization to achieve a project. But what it means is not always clear to most. In this blog, we’ll explain exactly what it means and all the benefits of this status.

In secondment, your employer assigns you temporarily to a third party (the client or customer). For example, you might be employed by Real Life Sciences and you will work for another organization through us on a temporary basis. This means that you are temporarily employed by one of the clients we have in our portfolio. You can be assigned for long missions (1 year) or for more temporary projects.

In this way, you can really work at many different organizations in a short period of time, build up a large network and improve your skills.

How does it work?

As a professional working temporarily for different clients, you will therefore have a lot of variety in your work and learn a lot. After each assignment, you and your manager look at your ambitions and career opportunities. In this way, you always choose an assignment that suits your knowledge and experience at that moment. For you as a professional, this means a lot of variety and attention to your personal and professional development.

Practical side

Unlike freelancing, your vacations, pension, and other HR-related matters are arranged for you by your employer (for example, Real Staffing). Compared to freelancers, you have more security as an employee. With us, your contract doesn’t end after completing an assignment, but together we will look for your next career step. Will it take a while before you find your next assignment? Then you will continue to be paid. In addition, you will continuously work on your personal development and will be given all the space and support you need.

Why do companies choose secondment?

Organizations choose secondment for many different reasons. These include replacing a permanent employee due to illness. Sometimes extra or additional expertise is needed to carry out a specific project. Or simply because of a tight labour market. Clients don’t bear the employer’s expenses, but in some cases they can make use of a secondment solution. This means that an employer may take over the seconded worker as a permanent employer after a certain period of time. As long as both parties agree, of course.

Benefits of secondment

Secondment has many advantages. However, the benefits vary by companies. Below are some general benefits and some additional benefits specific to Real Staffing:

Benefits of secondment in general

  • Gain a lot of experience quickly.
  • Getting paid even if you don’t have an assignment.
  • Build up a large network.
  • A lot of variety and diversity thanks to different clients.
  • Good preparation for a later transition to self-employment, for example.

Additional benefits of secondment through Real Staffing

  • Choice of many trainings.
  • Career coaching and personal guidance with your recruitment consultant.
  • Lease car for certain positions.
  • A good pension scheme.
  • Vacations are paid.
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