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People 2.0

European expert in payroll and contract management

People2.0 is the world’s leading enabler of flexible, mobile, on-demand, and remote work arrangements, including portable support solutions for independent contractors. The company’s global network of in-country, company-owned and operated establishments enables talent partners to hire any worker anywhere in any arrangement. Whether hiring locally or globally, People2.0’s employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services keep contingent workers in compliance with local and international regulations.

We currently operate in over 40 countries, with Belgium being one of our most prominent markets. Full-time, part-time, contingent workers, or independent contractors. Onsite or remote employees. No matter what kind of work arrangement your clients need, we can provide them.

Hiring across different regions and countries can be a challenge, however with People2.0 you can hire compliantly without having to worry about keeping up with the constantly changing local laws and regulations, making it more complicated to hire remote workers and global talent.

Through our vast coverage, back office solutions, and in depth local knowledge we provide a highly scalable end-to-end solution that allows you to save money, improve efficiency, generate new revenue streams, and scale your business.


Hannah Crumpton

Marketing Specialist